Life Pool Groups

LWCC'S LIFE POOL GROUPS are designed to engage members of the body of Christ who share similar interests, or life circumstances, and whose main focus is building lasting relationships while serving others. It is our desire to create smaller environments outside of church services with the intentional purpose of growing disciples in Christ, as well as getting to know more about our God and each other as we journey through life's experiences together. We strive to establish a safe atmosphere where relationships can be built, as well as accountability, shepherding, encouragement, and teaching exist, with the hope of drawing new members into the body of Christ.

Our Life Pool Groups are continually growing with new groups being formed as interest and needs are expressed. If you have an idea for a new life pool group please contact Candace Watts.


Our current Life Pool Groups are:

Get Involved and Connect with Others- Engage!

Seasoned Saints

Seasoned Saints

A senior ministry for those over the age of 55. Monthly meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm, in the back of the sanctuary, with leaders Charles and Lucy McMillian, unless otherwise announced. Outings and other events are planned on occasion.





A self- defense class offered on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings

"Sons of Almighty" Motorcycle Group:

Sons of Almighty Motorcycle Group


Rides are posted throughout the year. Time and location varies.




Learn the "art" of couponing and saving money with Ashley James each Sunday morning at 9:20 am.

Bible Study

Bible Study

Learn more about the word of God with Gail Watts on scheduled Tuesday mornings at 10:30 am. See our calendar for Bible study topics.

1 in Christ:

1 in Christ


A Singles group for those over the age of 18 with Lyn Entrekin, sharing the experience of being single and uniting together to form stronger relationships with each other and Christ. Events and outings vary. Monthly meetings are the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm in the back of the sanctuary.


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